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Thursday, February 28th 2008

7:18 PM

Another Week...

Sup folks? So last week I had a SIM Problem with the old Moby, thank god it's all sorted now tho! Last week was a bit of a mare really, dinners, meetings, paintballing, pubs, clubs, etc. Even had the possibility of a really good job but it would mean moving to England.

This week has been a little more subdued and the weekends going to be a quite affair, just popping round to a friends for a beer or twenty and some darts! Must say hi to Brian, Happy Birthday Dude!

Suppose it's getting near that time of year to start talking about Glasto... This year's festival will be headlined by US rapper Jay-Z, which is a bit cool. The rest of this year's line-up remains a closely guarded secret, although Neil Diamond will play the so-called "veteran's slot" on the Sunday! Also it's the time of year to talk about F1! 2 weeks to go to the Melbourne Australian Grand Prix and I can't wait, we even have a night, street race this year in Singapore!

Finally 3 strikes you are out on suspected illegal internet DL'ing! What's next, the PSNI come round to your house to remove your car because you have, may have or possibly will in the future break the speed limit *sigh*

'Things I have recorded with Sky+ but not yet watched'

  • Suenos World Spanish 1 - 16
  • Around The World in 80 Treasures
  • Lily Allen and Friends
  • The Class
  • The BRIT Awards
  • Relocation, Relocation
  • Grand Designs
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Murder
  • Desi DNA
  • Modern Toss
  • Two Pints of Larger
  • The People Watchers
  • Come Dine With Me
  • Jamie at Home
  • Big Brother USA

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REMEMBER KID'S :: "Whitewater is over when the First Lady sings."

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