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Monday, September 15th 2008

6:53 PM

GAD123, A Current Piece of Me...

Well it has been so long I can't remember how to do this... I have not blogged because I don't have much to report, it's all just the same old, same old. I have been really busy tho, it's amazing how you can fill up your time! I will try to make this simple and then I am all square with the blogging world!

  • I am still very much single (yes, by choice *sigh*)
  • The new Streets CD is brill, far better than I could have ever expected. 'Never Give In' is my fav track so far! (SBB)
  • I have finally been applying for jobs
  • My internet is screwed again so if I am not on MSN or I don't reply to e mails you know why. You can read about it here on the - Tiscali Forums
  • I am going to post some new Pics, after all those lovely comments from ladies! My head is in danger of getting larger, lol
  • I want to visit Jana in Brazil and have started to learn Portuguese
  • I have not been playing much poker lately *sadly* Cheers for helping me out the other day Kayeso
  • Congrats to Amy, aww little baby Logan!
  • Jackie, I have not fallen out with you!
  • Has everyone found me on all the social networking sites? I frequent them all!
  • Some general quotes from me, if fact the three that I am told sum me up... (Do I need to mention they are tongue in cheek? How does that translate, IRONIC!!!!!!)
  • 'I hate women'
  • 'I am so Depressed'
  •  'You Make me Sick!'
  • Are you happy now Nev, lol!
  • My old blog still gets over 500 hits a day

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Posted by bucky lasek:

NICE POST!!! great blog!!!
Thursday, March 19th 2009 @ 6:50 AM

Posted by Momma Bunny:

Jeggy Jeggy Jeggy - Sounds like a noise my belly would make.:)
Wednesday, October 8th 2008 @ 11:14 AM

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